12 Lead ECG Interpretation

Official Course Name:
12 Lead ECG Interpretation (Initial Course)
Safety Organization:
Special Courses
Class Dates/Times:
Wednesday Feb 19, 2020   9:00 AM - 3:00 PM
Training Location:
Cascade TC - West Sacramento
950 Riverside Parkway, STE 30
West Sacramento, CA 95605
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This 12-Lead ECG course builds upon the knowledge obtained in ACLS and consists of lecture and small group learning stations. The 12 lead ECG curriculum includes: Obtaining 12 ECG leads, understanding polarity, how to critically analyze 12-Lead ECG complexes for abnormalities of interval lengths, slurring,depression, elevation, inversion, notching and intrinsic deflection, definition of electrical axis, determination of mean electrical axis, and common causes of axis deviation (LAD, RAD, IAD) and How to describe ECG features of: ischemia, injury, infarction; chamber enlargement, bundle branch blocks, hemiblocks, pericarditis, and electrolyte and drug effects.