Official Course Name:
ENPC (Initial Course)
Safety Organization:
Emergency Nurses Association
Class Dates/Times:
Saturday Feb 08, 2020   8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Sunday Feb 09, 2020   8:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Training Location:
Cascade Training Center - Tacoma
3640 South Cedar Street (Cedar Plaza)
Tacoma, WA 98409
Seats Left:

Class Closed

ENPC is a 16-hour course designed to provide core-level pediatric knowledge and psychomotor skills needed to care for pediatric patients in the emergency setting. The course presents a systematic assessment model, integrates the associated anatomy, physiology and pathophysiology, and identifies appropriate interventions. Triage categorization and prevention strategies are included in the course content. ENPC is taught using a variety of formats, including lectures, videotapes and includes skill stations that encourage participants to integrate their psychomotor abilities into a patient situation in a risk-free setting.
The most current ENA textbook is mandatory for entrance into the course, and will be available for purchase during the registration process. Whether you purchase the ENA textbook during registration or have access to your own copy, you must bring your textbook with you to class or you will be unable to attend class. ENA courses carry unusually high costs of sponsorship due to specialty faculty requirements and strictly enforced student-to-instructor ratios. For this reason we are unable to provide refunds or credits for last-minute rescheduling. Any student who does not comply with ENA's policy on textbooks may be omitted from participation in the class and their registration fees forfeited.