EVE4EMS/Fire (Pre-Hospital)

Curriculum Provider:
Course Length:
16 Hours
Course Format:
Classroom Lecture, Small Group Learning Stations, Practical Testing Scenarios and Written Exam.
Materials Required:
Upon successful completion of the course, participants receive a course CD and continued access (during certification period) to the online student area containing review material.

Injury through assault remains a widely recognized, but little acknowledged, problem threatening emergency service personnel. Many EMS and fire personnel admit to being attacked by a violent patient, an angry bystander or upset family member. The frequency of assault on our fire and EMS providers is alarming and while most attacks are not life threatening, the risk of serious injury is evident and unpredictable. Responders require a reasonable, liability-conscious, effective means of preventing and avoiding assault, before it occurs, and defending themselves once attacked.

EVE4EMS/Fire covers the basic skills required by any responder or provider when facing possible or imminent assault or use of force.

Course Content:

  • Good customer service (Foundation of all DT4EMS courses)
  • Mental preparation and physical Fitness
  • Recognize need for safety in EMS/Fire
  • Documentation skills
  • Courtroom demeanor
  • Dispatch-to-scene and on-scene indicators
  • Patient vs. attacker recognition
  • Pre-assault indicators
  • Verbal skills to diffuse potentially violent encounters
  • Differentiating between self-defense, fighting, and police control tactics
  • Easy to learn and retain “drills” to reinforce reaction timing
  • Various aspects of reasonable self-defense
  • Escapes from standing, ground, and unusual positions
Real-World Application

In real prehospital situations, crisis creates chaotic rage, insulin shock overcomes reason, mentally challenged act on delusions, substance abuse enables superhuman strength, and career criminals lash out at responders even as they are engaged in life-saving efforts. EVE4EMS/Fire gives responders the ability to recognize a developing threat of assault, deflect it if possible, escape if practicable, and to defend if necessary. We utilize a combination of disciplines bringing a potent combination of techniques into one comprehensive training course.