EVE4HP (In-Hospital)

Curriculum Provider:
Course Length:
8 Hours
Course Format:
Interactive lecture and hands-on skills.
Intended Audience:
All levels of the in-hospital/home-health patient care setting (RN,LPN,MD,Techs,CNA)
Every participant, upon successful completion of the course, will receive a Course Review CD and special online access to the student area containing review material that can be accessed 24/7.

EVE4HP is an 8-hour course covering the basic skills required by any health facility staff when facing possible, or even imminent assault.

The course content consists of:

  • Before you enter the room. (Pre-Planning)
  • Verbal skills to diffuse potentially violent encounters
  • Entrance/exit plan
  • Recognize the difference between a patient and an attacker/aggressor
  • Pre-assault indicators (bystanders, body language, situational survey)
  • The 6 D's (drugged, domestic, diabetic, deranged, drunk and desperate) and what to look for in each
  • Legal aspects of self-defense
  • Legal aspects of at-risk detainable patients
  • Mental preparation (survival mindset, understanding stress and its effects)
Key Concepts of EVE4HP:
  • Violence and assualt is NOT part of the job!
  • Good customer service is the easiest way to prevent violent encounters
  • There is a difference between a patient, and an aggressor/attacker