Our Staff in Hillsboro, Oregon

Josh Adams

Director of Operations


When you talk with Josh Adams, it becomes clear that he has held an interest in public safety and emergency medical services from a very early age. "I remember I had to sell my Mom on the idea of letting me take a week of independent study so I could take the 40 hour First Responder (what's now the Emergency Medical Responder) class. It was my sophomore year of high school and we had recently lost a family member to sudden cardiac arrest. I just wanted the confidence that sort of training instills." He went on to complete his Emergency Medical Technician-Basic certification a year later and completed his National Registry Paramedic by the time he was 20. "I worked in a busy ground-based 9-1-1 system that was largely economically depressed and you get a lot of experience in a rather short amount of time as those vulnerable populations see a lot of substance abuse, and criminal violence." In addition to his paramedic shift assignments, Josh served as a Field Training Officer and EMS program educator. A science nerd at heart, his passion for patient-important outcomes and evidence-based practice soon turned to full-time education where he could help students implement up-to-date resuscitation guidelines and skills into their practice. "I loved teaching, and so when the opportunity presented itself to join Cascade and work with a diverse mix of healthcare providers from different organizations and agencies, I jumped on it. For me, Cascade's process was appealing because they were obviously very mindful of eliminating some of the subjectivity from the student evaluation process and they were investing in tools and technology that provided their students with objective skills performance feedback while also training them to think more critically by responding to the simulated physiological changes rather than the instructor just saying, 'Now you see XYZ'."

Josh lives in Portland, OR with his dog, Hank. Josh feels like his time outside of the office is synonymous with time spent outdoors. He loves to backpack, venturing into the many wilderness areas outside of Portland, and he enjoys sailing on the Columbia River. He even works as a sailing instructor in the spring and summer months.

Matt Perluss

Operations Manager

Matt Perluss started at Cascade Training in 2014 as a BLS instructor and worked his way up to Course Director across all AHA curriculums. Matt studied outdoor education and recreation at California State University Monterey Bay. During his time leading outdoor experiences, he took a Wilderness First Responder Course that began his journey into healthcare that would eventually lead to him working as a Paramedic in the Portland Metro area. In addition to working as a guide and consultant, Matt has over a 20-year history in customer service, management, teaching, and team building. Matt is a leader and teacher that loves seeing others get excited about his passions, like emergency medicine, helping people, and the outdoors. Sharing his knowledge and seeing other's build upon that is what drives him.

In his spare time, Matt enjoys spending time with his wife Jaci and their awesome dog, Teddy. Matt enjoys spending time outdoors, whether that is in the mountains, in the desert, or on the water. Matt is also an avid sports fan and you can often find him in the North End at Providence Park cheering on his beloved soccer teams, the Thorns and Timbers.

Angel Salser

Program Coordinator

Angel joined the Cascade team in the spring of 2016 with over 10 years of customer service experience. Angel likes to spend her time out side of work exploring all that Oregon has to offer with her two children, going to concerts, experimenting with new recipes and watching the Seattle Seahawks!

Ezra Matterson

Client Support Specialist

Ezra joined Cascade in August of 2018 with a background in high volume retail management and in-home healthcare service. They are excited to begin school at Portland State University in 2019 with the ultimate goal of becoming an OB-GYN, and improving access to quality care and advocacy programs for the LGBTQIA community.

When not at work, you can find Ezra exploring the Pacific Northwest and going to concerts with their son and partner, or at home playing Dungeons and Dragons with friends. They are a passionate artist of both physical and digital mediums, taking inspiration from Oregon's breathtaking scenery and both classic and modern horror.

Jennifer Mendez

Client Support Specialist

Jennifer joined the Cascade team in December of 2019, bringing with her an extensive background in customer service. Jennifer became interested in healthcare services after taking biology courses at Portland Community College and hopes to continue her education in the near future. She is excited to be with the company and eager to help others further their own education.

Outside of Cascade, Jennifer is a freelance translator with a certificate in Anatomy and Medical Terminology for Interpreters. When she’s not hard at work, Jennifer loves to sing, learn new languages, work on her amateur photography skills, make good art, and spend some downtime binge-watching Grace & Frankie with her husband and their adorable cat. She is fluent in German and is currently learning two Norwegian dialects, Spanish, Greek, and Arabic.

Paul Regalia Vice President of Clinical Operations

Paul Regalia



As a Registered Nurse and Mobile Intensive Care Paramedic with more than 20 years of patient care experience, Paul's core belief is that individuals and healthcare entities must value and promote quality and relevant team based continuing education to continuously improve patient outcomes. Paul's direct patient care experience has included almost two decades as a Mobile Intensive Care Paramedic with the world renowned King County Medic One receiving his Paramedic Certification directly from many of the physician pioneers in resuscitation at the University of Washington School of Medicine Paramedic Training Program. His work as a senior paramedic, field training officer and Air Support Unit Paramedic with the KCSO Guardian Rescue helicopter service in addition to his work as a registered nurse in primary care, public health, correctional healthcare and hyperbaric medicine, has reinforced his passion for collaborative training programs that focus on crew resource management and effective team dynamics. His healthcare management experience has focused on training program design, CQI, curriculum development and collaborative care initiatives. He continues to work clinically, leading cardiac arrest resuscitations as well as participating as a data collector for many ongoing cardiac arrest and trauma related studies.

Paul's direct responsibilities at Cascade include building a culture of excellence with a team of experts at every level of our organization, exceed expectations with industry leading customer service and collaborate with our clients to insure we are continuously contributing to improved patient outcomes with a total program cost effective solution.

Amanda Bernhardt

Compliance Manager / Training Center Coordinator


Amanda has a Bachelors degree in Biology and a background as an EMT. She has been part of the Cascade team since 2012 and has worked in a variety of roles within the company, allowing her to foster relationships with many of our clients and partners throughout the organization. In her current role as Compliance Manager, Amanda focuses a lot of her time on process implementation and maintenance. She is our American Heart Association Training Center Coordinator and acts as a liaison between Cascade and AHA, ensuring that all courses are compliant and up-to-date with the most current science available. Amanda also oversees our continuing education accreditation status with a variety of credentialing boards including the Washington State Medical Association, California Board of Nursing, Dental Board of California and Colorado Department of Health. In addition, Amanda manages our inventory supply chain and works with our vendors to ensure we have an adequate stock of products for all of our students and clients.

Outside of work, Amanda and her husband lead a full life. You will find them cooking, enjoying all the outdoor activities available in the Northwest, playing board games or trivia, and traveling as often as possible.

Travis Pittman

Clinical Manager

Travis became involved in public safety and emergency medical services right out of high school. His first job out of high school was an Emergency Room Technician at Tacoma General Hospital. That is where his passion for emergency medicine grew and moved him into pre-hospital work. He went to Paramedic school and has worked in many systems as an EMT and Paramedic. Travis pursued a full-time education position to have the highest impact on patient care out comes by educating his peers and community in the most up-to-date resuscitation guidelines and skills into their practice. Travis has been with Cascade since September 2011.

In his free time he loves spending time cooking and adventures outdoors with his wife and daughter.