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Cascade Training Center Approved Training Site Resource Page

Upload Course Paperwork

Click here to upload course paperwork.
Reminder: Do not submit multiple files for one course. Each course must be submitted as one PDF. Do not submit multiple courses in one file. To upload an additional Course Report, click the back button or re-click the link above. 

Replacement Card

Click here to log a replacement card issued by your Training Site. This is important so that your card balance matches Cascade Training Center's records. Replacement cards must be issued with the original course date.


Training Site Frequently Asked Questions

All other FAQs can be found by clicking here.

What are the criteria to be an official AHA Training Site?

Click here to view AHA's definition of an official Training Site. AHA has confirmed that training organizations that do not fit this criteria may still continue teaching, but has not yet created terminology for these organizations. Please note that Cascade Training Center uses the term "Training Site" to describe any individual or organization approved to facilitate courses independently.

How do I order eCards?

eCards are ordered from Cascade Training Center by calling 877-277-6778. Be sure you have your payment information ready to present over the phone. If you are approved to pay by purchase order, you have the option to provide a purchase order number by phone or you can email a copy to [email protected]. eCards are typically issued to your AHA Instructor Network account within 24 hours.

How do eCards work?

The best resources to learn about eCards are on the AHA Instructor Network. Log into your account to access the "eCards & My Courses Tools" section (located under "Additional Tools" in the menu bar). If you still have questions about eCards after looking through these tutorials, feel free to call our staff for more specific answers. AHA also hosts weekly webinars about eCards. The dates for these webinars are published in the ECC Beat email.

When do I have to use up my remaining physical cards?

Physical cards will no longer be available for purchase from Cascade Training Center beginning January 1, 2019. Any physical cards you have in stock must be used up during 2019. AHA will not authorize any instructors aligned with Cascade Training Center to issue physical cards after December 31, 2019.

How do I renew my instructor certification?

To renew your instructor certification(s), you will need to take a Cascade Training Center instructor renewal course and be monitored (for each discipline you teach). Contact our staff at 877-277-6778 to schedule your instructor renewal and monitoring; these courses are not listed on our website.

Where do I get the current skills sheets?

Current skills sheets for each discipline can be accessed through the Instructor CD that came with your current instructor manual.

Where do I get the current written exam packets?

Written exams must be requested from Cascade Training Center. Remember to store these securely so that they can only be accessed by current instructors. Any breach of security must be reported to the Training Center immediately.

Who can I contact with additional questions?

You can reach our customer support team at 877-277-6778 or [email protected]. Any questions that cannot be answered by that team will be escalated to the Operations Manager who oversees your region. You can expect prompt follow-up from all our staff.

Additional Resources

AHA Instructor Network
Log into your American Heart Association Instructor Network account to issue eCards to your students, review the current Program Administration Manual, sign up to receive the ECC Beat by email and access many more resources.

WorldPoint is Cascade Training Center's supplier of all AHA training materials. Ask us about helping you set up an account connected to us so you can receive a discount on most items.