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Outsourced Training Solutions

Cascade provides complete outsourced training courses and training management solutions for organizations of virtually any size. Outsourced training courses solutions are designed to offer a complete management and delivery model that provides the most cost effective and customer service focused experience for our clients while improving patient and safety outcomes.

Tailored Outsourced Solutions Designed for Your Organization

We work collaboratively with each client to design and implement outsourced solution specifically tailored for the needs of that organization. In many cases this included multiple stakeholders both internally and externally who can benefit from these programs. We use our experience from the last decade, as well as perspective from designing hundreds of client focused solutions in multiple geographic markets to make the design and implementation as seamless and successful as possible.

Virtually any entity that has requirements for regulatory, safety, compliance, or medical training can benefit from our outsourced training solutions. Programs can be implemented for organizations with one location or global entities with hundreds of geographic locations. Typical clients include:

  • Hospitals/Medical Centers
  • Clinic/Surgical Center Systems
  • Physician Groups
  • Fire & EMS Authorities
  • Police Departments
  • Local, State and Federal Government Entities (Including Military)
  • Educational Entities (Nursing, Medical, Allied Healthcare, Technical)
  • Residency Programs
  • Trade Organizations
  • Construction Companies
  • Financial Institutions
  • Industrial Facilities
  • Warehouse Facilities
  • Retail Entities

Flexible Outsource Solutions for Curriculum Management and Execution

Cascade's outsource solutions include options for multiple content delivery and a variety of management configurations. In addition to the complete management and execution of each curriculum, outsourced services available include:

  • Complete registration systems including robust web based programs configurable to the client's needs that can run in conjunction to client LMS or as a standalone solution.
  • Real time compliance reporting with web based client interface for immediate access to all systems and information.
  • Conference/classroom/skills lab space provided at client facilities, at Cascade training centers or a combination of both.
  • Access to private training programs, additional public offerings or combination of both to provide the most availability and scalability.
  • Cascade's CCQI-360, which is an industry leading continuous quality improvement program that takes broad and specific data points related to the effectiveness of our program, evaluates the quality and practicality of effectiveness, and then makes changes in the content and/or delivery of the training programs to effect positive change.

Whether you are looking to outsource one training program or more than twenty, contact Cascade today about how we can provide your organization with a customized outsource solution.